Web 2.0, version 51

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December 27th, 2007

I’ve been slowly accumulating new Web 2.0 material during the past month, and it’s time for an update. As usual, you can access the presentation in a variety of formats, although I haven’t yet had time to upload the “ugly Betty” version to Google Apps. For now, you can view it, and/or download it, from my Slideshare page, or by clicking on the icon below to download the 24.7 megabyte PDF file.

Web 2.0 version 51

In addition to fixing a number of broken and erroneous hyperlinks, based on the work done for me recently by GetFriday.com (see my December 17, 2006 blog posting about this outsourcing project), I’ve also added a bunch of new material. Here’s a summary of the additions and changes that I’ve made:

  1. On page 18, I updated the count of existing blogs, based on the information from the Technorati “about us” page, which says “Currently tracking 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.”
  2. On page 19, I replaced the wild estimate of Twitter users (and Scobleizer’s irrelevant rebuttal of that estimate) with a more accurate figure from TwitDir: as of 12/26/2007, there were 705,202 Twitterers.
  3. Also on page 19, I added a bullet point about the Los Angeles Fire Department’s twitter feed, which was apparently initiated during the October 2007 California wildfires — but was still operational when I checked it this afternoon, and seems to be used by citizens to report events in real time.
  4. Also on page 19, I added a bullet point, with links to blog postings here and here and here and here, about the use of Twitter in the enterprise, by the CIO of British Telecom’s Global Services unit, JP Rangaswami.
  5. On page 83, I added a bullet point with a link to Digg Explorer, an interesting visual tool for exploring the significance of the most recent 500 Digg stories. And I inserted a bullet point, and also a screen-shot of Kelly Grannis‘ “Gotta Digg!” video, which I blogged about yesterday.
  6. On page 90, I added a news update about CleverCommute.com, which is now serving commuters in Boston as well as the metropolitan NYC area.
  7. On page 73, I added a bullet point on the page about Google, citing Google Charts as an example of the various Google products that are created as a result of its HR strategy, which allows employees to spend 20% of their time working on their own research projects.
  8. Also on page 73, I added a bullet point about the recent NPD survey indicating that 73% of Americans had never heard of Google Docs, and that 94% had never used it.
  9. Also on page 73, I added a bullet point about Google’s Knol project, and a link to my blog posting about it.
  10. On page 100, I added a bullet point with a link to a Dec 2007 Pew survey of teenage trends for various forms of communication via phone, email, instant-messaging, etc.
  11. On page 101, I added a new page with a table that summarizes the afore-mentioned teenage trends.
  12. On (new) page 114, I added a link to the December 16, 2007 New York Times article about the emerging competitive “rumble” between Microsoft and Google, entitled “Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft.”
  13. On (new) page 120, I deleted all of the bullet points for Web 2.0 conferences that took place in 2007; and with the help of my son, Jamie Nash Yourdon, I added about half a dozen vintage-2008 Web 2.0 conferences. I’m not going to list them all here; if it matters to you, you’ll need to look at the actual presentation document.

That’s it for now. I suspect it will be another couple of weeks before I update this material again, if only because I’ll be gone all next week, taking a much-needed winter vacation with my family…

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