Version 43 of my Web 2.0 presentation

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October 19th, 2007

Partly inspired by all of the ideas, comments, ad references that I’ve picked up at this week’s Web 2.0 Summit conference, I’ve made a number of updates to my Web 2.0 Google Docs presentation; you can view it by clicking here. But since a couple thousand of us attendees are sharing the same wifi network here at the Palace Hotel, we’ve been asked not to initiate any huge uploads/downloads. So I haven’t uploaded the PDF version of the material, which takes up 18 megabytes.

During my plane ride back to New York, I hope to have a chance to read through all of the notes that I’ve scribbled and typed during the conference, and will doubtless find some new things to incorporate into the Web 2.0 document. So look for version 44 on Sunday or Monday; and since I’ll be back in my office when that takes place, I should be able to upload the associated PDF file, too.

Here is what I’ve added/changed in this version of material:

  1. On page (new) page 106,: I added a link to Michael Wesch’s provocative “vision of students today,” which speaks to the impact that Web 2.0 is already having on the education system; I also added a link to it on page 5. And on page 5, I also I posted a link to Michael Wesch’s new video on the transformation of paper-based information to digital information)
  2. On page 5, I added a link to a YouTube video in which Professor Michael Wesch explains how/why he made the highly popular “The Machine is (Us)ing Us”
  3. On page 16, I created a new page with all of the material about Twitter — including a link to a Guy Kawasaki blog posting entitled, “How Twitter Made My Website Better.”
  4. On the new page 16, I added a link to the Forrester report about Twitter stats, and a link to Scobleizer’s rebuttal.
  5. On the new page 20, I added a link to a Wired article about a Web 2.0 project to use the “wisdom of the crowd” concept to select the best questions for Presidential contenders.
  6. On the new page 94, I provided a link to Mary Meeker’s presentation at Web 2.0 “trends” presentation about current state of Internet/Web trends.
  7. On the new page 29, I added a link to Microsoft’s new Popfly service, which was announced as a “beta” product at the Web 2.0 Summit conference; I also added a link to it on the new page 70, which summarizes some of Microsoft’s Web 2.0 initiatives
  8. On (new) page 81, I posted a link to Marissa Mayer’s presentation at the Web 2.0 Summit about Google’s initiative called “Google Health
  9. On (new) page 99, I posted a link to Nicholas Carr’s “vision” of the future of personal computing, as a marriage between Apple and Google.
  10. On (new) page 87, I added a link to, as an example of an ambitious of user-generated/community content for television/advertising.

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